Trading Class Program


Proper mentorship can help a trader achieve profitability even in adverse market conditions and avoid black swan events that can wipe out a trader’s entire portfolio.

The goal to become a successful day trader might be challenging, but our academic research, account analysis and professional trainers are here to help you on the endeavor to financial independence.

At TRADEMASTERS we aim to create your trading journey more effective, creative and opportune.

At TRADEMASTERS we aim to create your trading journey more effective, creative and opportune.
Training Fees USD 5000 + Applicable taxes


Program Highlights

  • Courses designed exclusively for beginners and intermediate level traders for learning US Equities, ETFs, & Options.
  • Three months training on live trading floor by highly experienced trading professionals.
  • Training exclusively on a live trading account with real capital.
  • Personalized attention to each trainee and regularly monitoring their progress.
  • 100% job guarantee on successful completion of course and accomplishing qualifying criteria.

Program Philosophy

  • We aim to teach you everything that makes you a successful trader. Learn the principles, techniques, and rules of day trading, and gain valuable insights to design your own trading strategies.
  • The course will boost your knowledge, confidence and decision-making skills as a professional day trader.
  • Learn to control your emotions when making trade related decisions involving real money.
  • Our training strategies will help you trade any stock markets across the globe.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Start with the basic concepts and work your way towards advanced level of stock market trading.
  • Master various DMA trading platforms used globally for Equities, ETFs & Options trading.
  • Technical analysis, including Charts and Candlesticks, Trends, Supports & Resistances, Tape Reading, Refreshers, Volume, etc.
  • Risk Management, to protect your account from major losses.
  • Use of ECN’s and Dark Pool orders to get finest executions.
  • Low risk High Reward trading strategies.